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right on^^

My clothes are ordinary, I have only the basic ear peircings, the make-up I wear is limited to base and lip gloss, and I think it's so funny when the straight girls at my work try to gossip with me about things they'd never tell a bisexual girl or lesbian.

I think this community is a great idea, not everyone feels they have to stand out to be bi. I rather enjoy ambiguity thank-you very much.

I have a question for everyone: Have you ever known someone -most likely a straight woman- who knew you were bi, and expected you to act like a straight man?

My shift superior at work is always asking me stuff, or making comments thinking I'll answer, or react like a man would. It's kind of annoying. I am a woman, and yes I like women, but I'm still a woman! Anyway, I hope my rant didn't bug anyone. ^^
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not everyone feels they have to stand out to be bi. I rather enjoy ambiguity thank-you very much.

Absolutely. I consider myself to be an honest (read 'tactless') person, but too many people confuse honesty with openness which, I believe, is a different thing.

In some contexts, it's good (I'd say vital) to be open about your sexuality. But in most, it is inappropriate.

More importantly, in my opinion, if everybody knows what you're into, it spoils all the fun. Perhaps it's just my delightful British reserve, but I find people who leave nothing to the imagination a massive turn-off.

Oh, and I'm sure you've all met people who talk about their sexuality/sex life/gender issues and little else. It's immensely tiresome, isn't it?
i know exactlly what your sayin. My friends began to learn that im bi and most of them freaked out and didnt give me normal hugs anymore >.< made me so sad haha But im so glad i have one friend who is straight who actually acts more comfertable with me than before because she knows that who i am didnt change because of her knowing my sexuality.