Ms. Kate Keen (american_rose) wrote in bisexual_cynics,
Ms. Kate Keen

happy new years to ya...

Sick of all those goths and fat chicks with multiple piercings? Don't consider yourself particularly creative or bohemian? Think 'alternative lifestyles' are basically a load of humbug? Welcome to Cynical Bisexuals.

We're not here to talk about how fluid our sexuality is, or how heterosexist society won't accept us. Leave that to countless other communities on eljay. No, we're here to bitch, drink and talk dirty.

well, here is my rant of the week! but i cant stand "drunk bi-girls". such as, an old ex roomate, who would be all over me, only when she was drunk. like if i tried to kiss her while we were home, she would have probably told me i was gross or run away. but if we went out dancing, the bitch would be all over me. i hate that shit.

i also hate the majority of girls i have been with! mostly when i was younger, becuase i would think that girls actually liked me, when i find out they just wanted to "experament" or see what it was like" im not your fuckign guinea pig OK??

also: i kinda think of myself as creative, so i dont know if that is going to put some of you off of me.
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