Foe-Chan (vixankit) wrote in bisexual_cynics,

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right on^^

My clothes are ordinary, I have only the basic ear peircings, the make-up I wear is limited to base and lip gloss, and I think it's so funny when the straight girls at my work try to gossip with me about things they'd never tell a bisexual girl or lesbian.

I think this community is a great idea, not everyone feels they have to stand out to be bi. I rather enjoy ambiguity thank-you very much.

I have a question for everyone: Have you ever known someone -most likely a straight woman- who knew you were bi, and expected you to act like a straight man?

My shift superior at work is always asking me stuff, or making comments thinking I'll answer, or react like a man would. It's kind of annoying. I am a woman, and yes I like women, but I'm still a woman! Anyway, I hope my rant didn't bug anyone. ^^
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